Mother Theresa CSR

Mother Theresa Hospice Donation

Mother Theresa Hospice is a member of Missionaries of Charity- an international organization founded in
1950 by Mother Theresa, with the mission to love and serve poor communities both spiritually and mentally
worldwide. True to this, Mother Theresa Hospice is dedicated to “work for the salvation and sanctification
of the poorest of the poor.” Today the hospice accommodates over 250 individuals that can be categorized
into four groups: School-going children, mother & child cases, terminally ill patients, and street cases. On
Thursday, July 20, 2023, the AB Bank Team was accompanied by a Representative from the Ministry of
Community Development and Social Services, Sarah Banda Samiselo, on a visit to the hospice. The team
was welcomed with warmth and joy, had a chance to meet the recipients, and got to sing and share words
of hope and encouragement. This move reinforces our commitment and pledge to extend a helping hand to
the communities we live in. We are honored to use the resources available to us to help and support our
community, as giving back to society is what gives our work purpose.

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