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AB Bank Zambia Limited is a registered Commercial Bank in Zambia and a member of the Access Microfinance Holding AG ("AccessHolding") network which specialises in Microfinance Banking. Its main targets are the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises as well as the low income earners. The bank's services include free accounts, easy to access loans, and high interest earnings on savings accounts and fixed deposits which are also attractive to larger businesses and high-net-worth individuals.

From its inception, AB Bank Zambia is committed to presenting every micro, medium and small scale business owner an opportunity to eliminate financial restrictions and grow their business by according them access to a broad range of appropriate financial services, regardless of their social status.

AB Bank is dedicated to financing entrepreneurship, changing lives and subsequently contributing to the growth of the economy through aiding the majority of Zambians with financial assistance through a sustainable and efficient manner.

The Shareholders, Management and staff of AB Bank Zambia share strong corporate values some of the core being, transparency in the operations of the Bank, none discriminatory and welcoming of clients from all walks of life.

AB Bank Zambia, For You-With You!




  • I heard about AB Bank Zambia through word of mouth, and I knew that they have a good reputation. Since opening my account, I haven't been disappointed, the service has been great!.”

    Karald Enterprises Limited
    Current Account Testimony

  • I like having my funds held in one safe central location, as I move around a lot with my job and it saves me having to open new accounts at each new location.”

    Mrs. Sylvia Tembo
    Current Account Testimony

  • Firstly AB Bank Zambia is not one of the "big" banks so I like it better already. Secondly I was drawn to the bank after seeing their local community based approach aimed at empowering local communities rather than individuals.”

    Mr. Jere Crispus (Real Motor Autoboss Limited)
    Term Deposit Testimony

  • I've been with AB Bank Zambia for the past 3 years and I always recommend making an account to my family and friends! The pros of AB Bank Zambia are their reliability, no account fees and transaction fees. ”

    Mr. Jongo Hamz
    Term Deposit Testimony

  • I have been very impressed with your banks friendliness and responsiveness. I would go as far as to say that you have set a benchmark in customer support that other banks could learn a lot from.”

    Mr. Stanley Phiri
    SME Banking Testimony

  • Your bank has simplified my accounts, took away the stress of banking. It has enabled me to centralise my invoicing, bills, bank account and quotes.”

    Mr. Thomson Zimba
    Micro Loan Testimony

  • I recently switched from a so called big bank and I love it here. Should have done it sooner!”

    Mr Chisenga Benard
    Mahala Savings Account Testimony

  • I switched from a large bank a few years ago and have never regretted it. AB Bank Zambia offers competitive rates and when I walk in the door people know me without asking for an ID.”

    Ms. Hangumbulu Cheelo
    Mahala Savings Account Testimony

  • In the past we probably short changed our own kids - forgetting to pay them back and slacking on them paying us back. This account puts an end to all that.”

    Mr. Kamau Donald
    Kids Savings Account Testimony

  • One thing that I love is that this account is great for all three of my kids who all happen to be under 16.”

    Mr. Bunonge David
    Kids Savings Account Testimony

  • The whole point of a kid's savings account is to be able to track their own money. Put the remembering on THEIR shoulders! Lightens the load on my already over taxed brain!.”

    Mrs. Mukobeko M. Catherine
    Kids Savings Account Testimony

  • Running a farm is hard but thankfully AB Bank Zambia makes it easier. The bank is always available and always seeing through business from the start-up perspective, which makes all the difference. ”

    Mr. Ricky Simuchende
    Agro Loan Testimony