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Vision and Mission


To improve access to a broad range of appropriate financial services for the majority of Zambian businesses and their owners in a sustainable and efficient manner.


To be the leading provider of financial services to the Micro, Small, Medium-sized Entrepreneurs and their families in Zambia and to set industry standards in terms of customer service, professionalism and efficiency. AB Bank Zambia commenced full operations in October 2011 under the umbrella of the Access Holding Group whose long standing partners include KfW Development Bank, The International Finance Corporation, The Dutch Development Finance Institution FMO and Impulse Micro-finance Fund based in Germany. AB Bank Zambia is the seventh member of the Access Bank Network with a mission to continuously grow and support Zambia’s low-income population, be it micro, small or medium enterprises.

At AB Bank all accounts such as term deposits, savings and current accounts as well as the savings plan, are easy to access, and free, no maintenance fees. They feature attractive interest rates and full transfer and cheque services. Our loans are easily accessible with limited documentation needs and flexible collateral requirements. They are based on a careful analysis of repayment capacity by specialized loan officers who understand Micro and SME business needs. AB Bank Zambia is committed to re-engineering its branch network through ensuring branches are located in areas where customers can easily access them. The 7th branch recently opened in Kitwe is part of a strategy to grow AB Bank across the country all the while offering a refreshing banking experience.

Customer Service Charter : The AB Bank Zambia Promise

In everything that we do, we strive to:


Greet and listen to you with respect, open mindedness, courtesy and understanding.

Identify ourselves appropriately.

Use language that is plain and easy to understand.

Maintain professional manners at all times.

Provide continuous support, advice and guidance to our customers.

Make our processes as easy as possible for you.

Always be upfront and truthful and keep you informed.

Protect your personal information.

Continuously improve our service by proactively welcoming suggestions and seeking feedback from customers.

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