Term Deposit

The key to success is good decision making

We offer you an opportunity for an excellent decision: a Term Deposit Account at AB Bank Zambia! You can earn attractive interest from 9.5% to 21% interest! The longer you fix the money, the more you will earn.

Invest as little as ZMW500.00 in a Term Deposit at AB Bank Zambia for a term between 30 days and 365 days.

Enjoy your interest earnings monthly or at the end of the Term Deposit – the way you like it best!

The account is blocked from all transactions but you can still withdraw your money before maturity when need arises though at a loss of interest. Available for both corporates and individuals.

  • No account opening fee
  • No maintenance fee
  • No closure fees at maturity
  • No hidden costs

All you need to open a Term Deposite account is an active Current JOINT/ OR or Savings JOINT/ OR Account.

30 to 59 days

Up to 9%

90 to 179 days

Up to 12%

More than 365 days

Up to 21%

The above calculations are for illustation purposes.

This is an example of interest rates. AB bank always welcomes the opportunity to discuss/negotiate the rate of the day to something more favorable.

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