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Savings Plan

A savings plan is your account to save up for a big project by making frequent contributions and earning up to 8% interest.

A SAVINGS PLAN is the perfect way to realise your dreams!

Do you dream to travel, to upgrade your home, to purchase a car, to pay school fees for good education, to buy a mobile phone? Save your money in an AB Bank SAVINGS PLAN ACCOUNT and make your dreams come true!

Choosing the number of installments on your own, save whenever you want as much as you want and can afford. The higher the balance the higher the interest! Every additional Kwacha pays.

Interests are pain monthly and will accrue on previous interest accruals (interest capitalisation) to let your deposits grow quickly.

Choose a maturity between 6 months and 24 months according to your needs. At the end you will receive the whole amount with interests. Invest as little as 50 ZMW and make your money grow!

Benefits of the Savings Plan

Visit our branches to open your account NOW!

  • No account opening fees
  • No maintenance fess
  • No closure fees at maturity
  • No hidden costs
  • Money is blocked safely away from temptation
  • Savings Plan calender to keep track of your progress towards your savings (When Available)
  • Certificate achievement of savings goal (When Available)
  • Higher interest on higher balances to encourage continued saving
  • No penalties / No requirement of fixed contributions

In an AB Bank SAVINGS PLAN your money does not get eaten up by fees but will continuously grow!