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  • Mahala Savings Account
    Mahala Savings Account is the perfect account if you want to earn 6% interests and be able to withdraw money anytime.
  • Kids Savings Account
    Give your child a solid foundation by opening a Kids Savings Account.
  • Savings Plan
    A savings plan is your account to save up for a big project by making frequent contributions and earning up to 8% interest.
  • Term Deposit
    Term Deposit Account is the best account for you if you can leave a fixed amount untouched for for some time. Now with up to 20% interest and a 25% interest promotion if you open a Term Deposit Account between 1st March to 31st May 2016!

Credit Facilities

  • Micro Loans
    With AB Bank Zambia you can access transparent, easy and affordable loans up to 70,000 K to help grow your business.
  • SME Finance
    SME loans are business loans tailored for small and medium sized enterprises. AB Bank offers quick and simple access to business loans from 70,000 with SME credit officers who understand your needs.
  • Agro Loans
    If you are looking to finance your farming equipment and inputs such as fertilizer, seeds and other, AB Bank Zambia Agro Business Loans are for you throughout the year. AB Bank offers farmers with Agro Business Loans between ZMW 3, 000 & ZMW 70, 000 to help finance your agricultural projects.
  • Overdraft
    If you are a Zambian national, running a Private Sector Company, and need an overdraft facility that allows you to withdraw money from your account despite having no balance! Then AB Bank Zambia is the bank for you. We offer you between 25,000 ZMW minimum to 1,500,000 maximum for a period between 3months and 12months.


  • Ria Money
    Send and receive money internationally without any account from any of our branches within Lusaka and the Kitwe.
  • Forex
    You can open up a foreign currency account with AB Bank Zambia in either Euro or United States Dollars or change currency at the cash box of each branch.
  • Transfers and Cheques
    AB Bank Zambia offers internal transfers, national wire transfers, international wire transfer, standing orders and direct debit and credit clearing. AB Bank Zambia also offers cheque clearing, AB Bank Zambia cheque books and Manager's cheques.
  • Yanga Premium Banking
    AB Bank Zambia offers a special service called "Yanga Premium Banking" for its best Customers with stable and growing account balance.

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