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Come and enjoy a new and quick overdraft facility that allows you to withdraw money from your account despite having no balance!

Basic eligibility of the overdraft

  • Must be a Zambian citizen
  • Age: between 21 and 65 years
  • Amount: 25,000 ZMW minimum - 1,500,000 maximum
  • Maturity: 3 months to 12 months
  • Can be given to new, repeat or existing SME clients
  • The business must be within the operational zone of the bank
  • Applicant must be owner of a business with 12 months experience
  • If applicant is a limited company, it must be registered in Zambia and be 100% privately owned

Basic benefits & features

  • 5% interest rate of Overdraft Used per month
  • Flexible overdraft conditions that suit whatever your needs might be
  • Ideal overdraft conditions designed to assist you to handle short term changes in your cash-flow
  • No unnecessary charges on being over your limit
  • Once you have this credit facility on your current account, you can overdraw up to an agreed limit
  • The amount and term can be agreed with us in advance