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Improving the access to a broad range of appropriate financial services for the Majority of Zambian businesses is our goal. We want to offer small entrepreneurs and low income customers access to credit and also to all other financial services that they require, by designing appropriate products that put their needs at the centre. We conduct Client Satisfaction Surveys on a constant basis, place suggestion and complaint boxes in every branch in order to make sure that we continuously provide our clients with what they require. Client protection and responsible finance are at the centre of our lending methodology, which focuses on avoiding over-indebtedness of our clients. We achieve this through a detailed analysis of the payment capacity of our clients, by building a long term relationship with them and by making sure that installments represent only a limited component of their monthly free cash flow. Our responsible lending principles make sure that the client protection principles highlighted by the SMART CAMPAIGN are translated into practice.

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Client Training

AB Bank Zambia engages its clients in different kinds of trainings intended to equip customers with enhanced knowledge to increase their financial and business capacities. These trainings include financial literacy, saving, business skills training, entrepreneurial capacity improvement trainings to mention but a few.

Also, AB Bank Zambia’s staff visits local markets, businesses and homes on a daily basis to encourage its low-income target group to consider the opportunities of financial inclusion and understand the features of the various banking products. Teams from our branches visit schools to conduct literacy presentations and quizzes, organize make-up events or soccer games around financial education, or work with role plays or music trucks to catch attention. 

AB Bank Zambia actively participates in the Bank of Zambia’s annual Financial Literacy Week, organizing school events, job shadowing opportunities, open days etc and participating in the industry’s educational programme and exhibition. In 2015 our CEO Armando won the Bank of Zambia Governor’s CEO award for his outstanding interaction with kids and in 2016 he mingled with the youths again, both for sports activities and for individual counselling sessions.

Business Simulation Workshop

The Business Simulation Workshop in cooperation with the Savings Bank Foundation for International Cooperation, provides our clients with an entrepreneurial experience, in order to improve their financial skill. The focus is on supplier management, competition, forecasting, reviewing financial statements and planning which should be part of everyday life for any entrepreneur. Our skilled trainers have an excellent ability to create an interactive atmosphere and establishing rapport with our clients who also get to network with each other. Our clients also get a deeper understanding of our Bank through interacting with the Management team of the Bank.

Communities and Employees

At AB Bank we take pride in giving back to the communities where we do business because we know that a viable community is essential to the improvement of standards of living and overall national development. For example, AB Bank employees took time to make a difference and put a smile on the faces of the children at BeitCure Hospital by helping with the painting of the Consultation Rooms and visiting the children’s ward.

Also, AB Bank Zambia prides itself with the opportunities it provides to its employees. The Bank recruits mainly graduates, giving job opportunities in the banking sector to people without previous working experience. It invests significantly into training and promoting staff exclusively based on merit according to transparent criteria and based on strong values of non-discrimination. For many, the career path at AB Bank Zambia is faster that it would be possible in any other banks in the country. This includes both vertical movements from Trainees to Team Leaders and then Branch Managers as well as horizontal movements between departments or from branches into the Bank’s Head Office.

AB Bank Zambia also fosters a transparent, young, fun work environment with flat hierarchies and very accessible management staff. It organizes and supports staff events on the Bank, branch or team level, supports sports and leisure activities such as the AB Bank Zambia soccer team and has a Social Welfare Committee with a number of functions in the interest of staff members.

Environment and Responsibiity

AB Bank Zambia adheres to the Social and Environmental Management System (SEMS) developed by AccessHolding, to ensure social and environmental responsibility. The SEMS is based on a core social and environmental policy and provides a set of core procedures and guidelines. These Social and Environmental Performance Standards (SEPS) that AB Bank Zambia seeks to implement follow the International Finance Corporation (IFC)’s Micro-finance Exclusion List that forbids investments in potentially hazardous projects.

In addition, AB Bank Zambia follows the CDC Investment Code that sets out general guidelines for ethical investment practices. It requires responsible business management of environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters and also features an Exclusion List, which specifies businesses and activities in which CDC and thereby AB Bank Zambia will not invest. For more detailed information on the CDC investment code please visit CDC’s website.

In day to day business operations, AB Bank Zambia is committed to a responsible use of office supplies and other scarce resources such as water and energy.

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