Term Deposit

The key to success is good decision making

We offer you an opportunity for an excellent decision: a term deposit account at AB Bank Zambia! You can earn

highly attractive interest. The longer you fix the money, the more you will earn. At the same time, your money will

have positive impact and support the development of micro businesses in Zambia.

Invest as little as ZMW500.00 in a term deposit at AB Bank Zambia for a term between 1 month and 1 year.

Enjoy your interest earnings monthly or at the end of the term deposit – the way you like it best!

Invest as little as ZMW500.00 for a term between 1 month to 1 year. The account is blocked from all transactions but you can still withdraw your money before maturity when need arises though at a loss of interest. You can earn up to 21% interest on this account Available for both corporates and individuals.

No account opening fee. No maintenance fee. No closure fees at maturity. No hidden costs.

30 - 59 days


90 - 179 days




The above calculations are for illustration purposes.