Business Current Account

To open a Business Current Account with AB Bank, you need to visit any of our Branches in either Lusaka,Kitwe or Ndola with the following documents:
-Certificate of share capital (original)
-Certificate of incorporation (original)
-Tax (TPIN) certificate (original)
-Form 3 (original)
-Articles of association (original)
-PACRA computer print-out, not more than 30 days old (must be stamped)
-Board resolution (agreement for opening account, stating the signatories and the signing arrangement)
-Proof of physical address for the company
-Proof of address for the signatories
-Identification documents for the signatories (either, NRC/passport/driving license)

Savings Account

Save and grow your money on the savings account. More details of the account here (create page to the benefits below)
-Earn 6% interest per annum.
-Interest is credited to your account every month.
-Only 30.00 ZMW minimum balance
-Has no maintenance/monthly fees.
-4 free cash withdrawals every month
-Unlimited withdrawals at a minimal fee of 0.6%
-internal transfers ONLY
-E-agreement services

Savings Plan Account

This is an account that allows you to save and grow your money for a specified period. The more you save the higher the interest on your savings.
The Savings Plan Account has the following features and benefits:
-Deposit any amount at any time during the maturity period
-Choose a maturity between 6 and 24 months according to your needs.
-Start your saving with initial deposit of 150 ZMW (can deposit a higher amount)
-Save whenever you want as much as you want and can afford.
-Earns interest between 5-8%

Fixed Deposit Account

An AB Bank Fixed Term Deposit Account is an investment account that allows you to put away a lump sum of money for a desired period while earning attractive interest.
Open a Fixed Deposit Account and enjoy the following features and benefits:
-Maturity period ranges from 30 to 365 days
-The term deposit is renewable
-The longer the maturity the more you earn
-Earns interest between 9.5% -22%
-Start with as low as 500ZMW

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