Going the extra mile.

John Mulenga from 10 miles has been banking with AB Bank for 3 years. Mr. Mulenga and his wife run a number of businesses jointly. These are; an events venue, shops, a garage and farming. Here is his experience with AB Bank.

What do you like about AB Bank services/products?

When it comes to services the bank offers the best service that most of the big banks are forgetting, which is that every client matters no matter how small the pocket. The client managers are always willing to offer assistance and always go an extra mile to make me comfortable when it comes to AB Bank

How did you choose AB Bank over the competition?

“Before moving to AB Bank, I was banking with one of the rival banks. At the time I needed financing they could not consider my application even after banking with them for a very long time. At this point I had a small savings account with AB Bank, that’s how I tried to apply for a loan. Just the attention I got and the respect, made me decide to close the account at the other bank and move my money to AB Bank. ”

Would you recommend AB Bank?

Yes! After moving to AB Bank, a few of my friends asked me more about the bank. I didn’t need to go an extra mile to convince them, I only told them about my experience and that’s how they decided to move too. I started by having all my children’s account opened at bank.