A Fruitful Collaboration

Idalina Handanga Kasenge runs a fruit and vegetable shop in Lusaka’s city market. She has been in the business since 1997. She has been with the bank for over 4 years now.

How did you choose AB bank?

“A friend of mine introduced me to AB bank a few years ago, when I desperately need money to grow my business. She explained she managed to get a loan without prior banking with AB Bank and was given the loan. And that’s how I decided to try my luck and I was successful.”

How did AB Bank impact your business?

“Before I got the loan, my business was hand to mouth. I desperately needed more capital to grow the business so that I can be able to do more like send my children to school without complaining. From the first loan to now, my business has improved tremendously and I am now a landlady with two tenants.”

Would you recommend AB Bank?

“I have recommended AB Bank to most men and women selling fruits, potatoes and vegetables around here.  I am very proud of my bank; I have no problem sharing my success with other people.”