A Bull Named AB Bank

Dorothy Kasompe Funamwango is a full-time farmer in Mapepe area, Lusaka province. She breeds cattle, grows oranges and runs a fish farm. We met Dorothy on her farm outside Lusaka, Zambia, where she proudly showed us around and told us about her relationship with AB Bank Zambia. We learned that she is driven by her goal to provide healthy, GMO-free food to her customers, and how the bank has helped to grow her business. 

Why did you choose AB Bank?

“The first time I heard of AB Bank was through a very close friend, who told me that the bank offers loans to support farming. I later encountered one of the bank’s loan officers as they were visiting our area, and so I took the opportunity to enquire more about how I can access a farm loan.”

How did AB Bank impact your business?

“I first applied for a loan in 2016 and since then I received and repaid four business loans. Before I started to work with AB Bank I had only one fish pond, a few trees of oranges and three cows.  Now, only a few years later, my farm business has grown substantially to seven fish ponds, five cows and one bull. Out of gratitude I named the bull “AB Bank”. Thanks to my bank I am now a proper farmer!”

Would you recommend AB Bank?

“AB Bank did not just improve my life but gave I a whole new perspective to my business. Recommend the bank? Why not! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the bank on its professionalism because from the first day I’m always treated with great respect.”