A Healthy Cooperation

Kapampa Kennedy is the proud owner of Ashtons Pharmaceuticals located in Lusaka, Zambia. The company distributes drugs to government hospitals and private clinics, as well as to neighbourhood pharmacies, among them three own. Mr. Kennedy shows us his prospering business and tells us that his four years of cooperation with AB Bank have been very healthy.

How did you start your collaboration with AB Bank?

Four years ago I was approached by one of the bank’s employees. She explained to me the products and services the bank was offering at the time. Her presentation and commitment convinced me, and that’s how I decided to give AB Bank a try.

How did AB Bank impact your Business?

The bank has helped us a lot in terms of cash flow management. To run our business successfully we need sufficient liquidity to buy more products and keep our supplies afloat. We have to permanently supply the clinics and stock up our retail pharmacies. By now we own three retail pharmacies ourselves thanks to our valuable cooperation with AB Bank.

Would you recommend AB Bank?

Oh yes! I have banked with some of the big banks but got very disappointed. With AB Bank it’s been a very different story – the service has been world class.