The One and Only

Pricilla Katati runs a hardware store in Lusaka’s city market and supplies groceries to shops around town. She is one of the first customers of AB Bank, to whom she has maintained a loyal relationship from the very beginning.

“I only know one bank and that is AB Bank.” she says happily.

How did you choose AB Bank?

Even before AB Bank started operations, its employees came to our market and turned to business people with loan offers. They promised to get in touch as soon as the bank opened. And really, a few months later I received my first loan and that’s how I am with the bank today. My very first loan officer kept his word.

How did AB Bank impact your business?

I have been in business since 2002 and before I got a loan I barely managed to maintain my stocks, I had a very small shop. The loans I received helped me to develop and diversify my business. Now apart from the hardware shop I also make money through supplying groceries to other shops, and these extra monies help me to grow.

Would you recommend AB bank?

Of course! I have been recommending AB Bank to everyone in the market since I became a client until today. I tell them that it’s about being financially disciplined for one to make it. As AB Bank provided a solution for my business, the bank can help them, too.