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AB Bank Zambia Limited is a registered Commercial Bank in Zambia and a member of the Access Microfinance
Holding AG (“AccessHolding”) network which specialises in Microfinance Banking. Its main target are the Micro,
Small and Medium Enterprises as well as the low income earners.

The Mission of AB Bank Zambia is to improve the access to a broad range of appropriate financial services for
the Majority of Zambian businesses and their owners in a sustainable and efficient manner.

The Vision is to be the leading provider of financial services to the MicroSmall, Medium-sized Entrepreneurs
and their families in Zambia and to set industry standards in terms of customer service, professionalism and

AB Bank Zambia strives to be the “House Bank” for MSME, offering them all necessary financial services!!!

Shareholders, Management and staff of AB Bank Zambia share strong corporate values, in particular:

• Transparency
• Non-discrimination
• Open communication
• Performance orientation
• Social responsibility
These values apply to our Clients, Staff and Business Partners